This Post Brought To You By Nervous Exhaustion

Sleep deprived and delirious – bed should be my ally right now. But restlessness can’t be bargained with or feel pity/remorse/sorrow so here we are. Just a few things before passing out.

Obviously, the cold-blooded execution of two reporters on live television is deeply haunting. Gruesome enough that the cameraman caught this on tape in his final moments, but then the killer posted his POV video of the killings. Twitter exploded with auto-play videos and I was fortunate enough to stop one of them before witnessing it. Pretty much everyone, myself included, was shocked, nauseous, enraged, and disheartened. In this time of sorrow, Americans needed a unifying force.

Thankfully, we had the leftist rapid response team blaming guns, the NRA, and ordinary Americans for the actions of a clearly disturbed individual. I might have broken the “DO NOT ENGAGE” rule in my reduced mental state. Oh well, no big deal if some insults and bad words were hurled at the totalitarians.

Ace has an excellent piece (does he have any other kind?) describing how our media betters are driving us towards dangerous territory. You really need to read the whole thing but here’s an excerpt:

This Part of the Game I Can Cleanly Blame on the Media: When the killer is Muslim, the media tries its hardest to not connect that killer to any other Muslim, or even the Islamist ideology. They want to draw as narrow a circle as possible around the killer, including no other people, so that a hypothetical half-crazy would-be Crusader won’t think “I’ll get my vengeance by killing one his compatriots.”

But when the killer is white, they expand that circle as wide as possible to indict all of white society. In the Charleston shooting, they blamed the Confederate flag and all the white people who admired that flag.

It’s frightening how balkanized this country is becoming, and our leftist media is partially responsible for it. I’ve hesitated to wade into the whole “Black Lives Matter” fever swamp, but if just a fraction of their sentiment carries over into real life… Well things won’t get better before getting much, much worse. For now I’ll keep my focus on the rolling disaster that is our media. They continue to fan these flames and soon there won’t be enough water on the globe to stop the blaze.


Hillary, Planned Parenthood, and Other Depressing Shit

Pictured: Deer frozen by  headlights.

Pictured: Deer frozen by headlights.

I don’t write often enough, but after the events of the past 48 hours, I must allow my mind to vomit.

Tuesday night’s presser was a cornucopia of awkwardness as we watched Hillary implode in real time. Combined with the hourly news dumps of her (and her staff’s) slipshod handling of classified materials, the word evitable* comes to mind. It seems the “lies all the way down” strategy may not work out so well in the face of an FBI investigation and basic logic.

Wednesday morning started rough, going around the block with one of Hillary’s cultists sycophants. Apparently, Team Clinton has entered into the “Downfall bunker” part of their campaign. Then the new Planned Parenthood video went live. It detailed how their facilities slice and dice living fetuses (heart is still beating) to harvest organs for profit. To say I was sickened and enraged is an understatement. The usual suspects sprang into action defending PP – not from a principled position – but out of Pavlovian conditioning.

This is the root of the issue. At the end of the day, we’ve generally failed to influence the culture to place more value on life, liberty and honesty. It’s incredibly depressing, but as some random guy said, “Politics is downstream of the culture.” It’s on every one of us to not only discuss with our friends and families but also engage the culture writ large. I don’t really have a plan for this, but I believe there are smarter people out there who do.

We’ve been doing a better job engaging, but if Hillary skates and Planned Parenthood’s illegal genocide continues apace… clearly, we’ve got a lot more work to do. Toil on we must, because the alternative is to allow America to continue her fever dream.

*Shamelessly ripped that off @JohnEkdahl

Trailer Thoughts

Been a busy week punctuated by perhaps one of the most exciting trailers in recent memory. Guess we’ll start with the Bantha in the room.

How can you not be excited? The trailer kicks enough ass to give 80’s Arnold Schwarzenegger a run for his money. Not to mention it serves notice that yes, Star Wars is back – JJ Abrams was born for this shit. Judging from the massive Twitter storm (and even a market response to Disney stock) I’m more stoked than I should be based on a two-minute trailer. It’s damned hard not to be even though we all risk the specter of an epic disappointment (unlikely, but still possible).

One of the more interesting things I noticed is Luke’s voice over seems to have a strange echo effect. If you listen closely, the echo sounds similar to the voice first teaser trailer – it’s totally possible I could be imagining things. However, given the dichotomy between the Dark and Light in this universe, it wouldn’t be surprising if there was an unexpected connection between Luke and his supposed counterpart on the Dark side.

Speaking of darkness, the Batman v Superman trailer leaked then released officially shortly thereafter.

My immediate thoughts after seeing it:

The contrast with the previous day’s joy and happiness with the Star Wars trailer was replaced with confusion and depression. Of course, there are strong hints of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. BatArmorSuitMKII makes an appearance along with this eagle-eyed catch by @neontaster:

My concerns are manifold: The Joker, Robin, and Commissioner Gordon were central figures in Miller’s comic. To the best of my knowledge they are not in this movie. On the flip side Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Lex Luthor were not present in TDKR. Can Snyder and company make a new compelling story only partially based on a classic comic? I have my doubts.

Secondly the tone of the trailer (and one would assume the movie) is dark and gritty. At least that seems the mantra of DC movies as of late. Don’t get me wrong, dark dramas are excellent if executed properly, however we are talking about comic book movies. God Forbid we have fun and escape our normal lives watching heroes triumph. Even The Dark Knight Returns is punctuated by levity – provided in no small amount by Robin who is not present in this movie.

Lastly, Zack Snyder is directing this movie. I really don’t have that much faith in him this time around given his recent track record. Despite the Sonny Bunch’s of the world, Sucker Punch was terrible and Man of Steel was a muddled mess. Let me know when Suicide Squad is around the corner, because that’s much more compelling than a raft of Snyder Justice League movies.

I’ll probably end up seeing Batman v Superman in theaters, just to witness the spectacle. Maybe it’ll surprise me and be half-way decent.

Is it Christmas yet? It’s still Spring you say? Damn.

Just Some Randomness

I guess the word “random” takes on a whole new meaning now the left has gotten it’s grubby little hands on it. In any case, take a moment and laugh at Vox, because it’ll keep the doctor away or something:

Status: Beat and tired. A 12 hour shift tends to exhaust, but what can you do in the Great Kentuckian Snowpocalypse of 2015? Good news is it will be negative 20 degrees soon. Negative. 20. Degrees. Joy.

I’d say we all should be frightened by the lack of competence our betters display to both Americans and our enemies, but that would be redundant. We should just focus on Christian extremism and the Crusades because that’s what’s necessary and proper these days. Perish the thought we actually pay attention, much less assign blame, to the murderous barbarians currently setting the world on fire.

Lastly, I wasn’t sold on Battlefield Hardline at first, but it eventually grew on me during the open BETA. If you are a Battlefield series veteran I would strongly encourage you to consider a purchase.

The Science of Great Science Fiction

Interstellar Builds Upon Excellent Sci-Fi

(Spoilers Ahead)

Full disclosure: Christopher Nolan had me hooked ever since I laid eyes upon Memento. Aside from a couple of stumbles, his work is some of the most compelling cinema of this decade. Interstellar continues Nolan’s track record of breathtaking experiences, however I believe it represents something far greater than his previous efforts. Simply put, he reminds all of us what great science fiction can be.


A Space Odyssey

It’s quite obvious 2001 was a great inspiration to Interstellar, with Nolan admitting as much before the movie was released. In the interview he fears getting too close to 2001, but I believe he pays great homage to Kubrick both stylistically and thematically – stylistically with Monolith turned HAL 9000 as TARS, gravity-generating spinning spaceships, and magnificent vistas in the vastness of space. Thematically he pays homage via the notion of paradigm shifts. The Monolith grants our simian ancestors technology and civilization. Interstellar presents a similarly immense shift with Nolan’s version of a Monolith (the Black Hole) granting us civilization in the stars en masse. Being bound to this generation, it’s almost impossible to imagine our entire world leaping into outer space. But that is what great science fiction does: it bridges that gulf between what we know to be possible, and what seems impossible. Indeed my initial reaction to the last act of Interstellar was incredulity, but if I were to tell my ancestors of the future we live in, they would be equally incredulous.


The Motion Picture

Star Trek: The Motion Picture is a seriously underrated movie. Not just in the pantheon of Trek, but in science fiction as a whole. Another work touched by 2001, Roddenberry brought his vision to the silver screen in spectacular fashion. Instead of merely focusing on “planet of the week” like so much of the television series, The Motion Picture instead tried to explore the greatest mystery: What is the meaning of life? V’Ger presented this question as an unstoppable force, consuming everything in its path. The blight is Interstellar’s version of an unstoppable force and brings into question our purpose as a species. Nolan answers this question by declaring that our destiny is beyond Earth. McConaughey’s character, Cooper, is a representation of that ideal. Exploration consumes him and not even his family can stop him from seeing what’s out there. The primal need to travel beyond the next horizon gives us a hint as to our existence.

star-trek-tng-all-good-thingsAll Good Things…

You just don’t get it, do you Jean-Luc? The Trial never ends. We wanted to see if you had the ability to expand your mind and your horizons. And for one brief moment, you did.

When I realized the paradox?

Exactly – for that one fraction of second, you were open to options you had never considered. That is the exploration that awaits you. Not mapping stars and studying nebulae, but charting the unknown possibilities of existence.

For me, Q’s last conversation with Picard is one of the greatest scenes in the entirety of Star Trek, not just The Next Generation. Aside from Picard (finally!) acknowledging Q as mentor instead of dangerous nuisance, it encapsulates the best of what Star Trek can be – not just exploring strange new worlds and boldly going where no one has gone before, but expanding our understanding of existence. The final act of Interstellar does exactly this. After exploring a wormhole and the worlds beyond, Coop gains insight to an aspect of our reality never before seen. Inside the Black Hole, he finally sees the the time paradox he created by sending messages to his past self. By realizing the paradox and the relationship between gravity and time he gleans enough new insight save humanity. The kicker is confirmation that humanity will continue to explore these aspects of reality and eventually master singularities. As Coop puts it, “It was us all along.” It’s this kind of exploration – charting the unknown possibilities of existence, present and future – that lies at the heart of both science and great science fiction.


Because our destiny lies above us.

Too much of modern science fiction cinema (with some exceptions) focuses mainly on action and adventure/horror with outer space as the backdrop. As great as the Star Trek reboot was, it fell into the same action/adventure cliche. Speaking of which – you bet your ass I have a deep love for Star Wars (original trilogy and hopefully the new ones won’t suck), Battlestar Galactica (new series), Firefly and etcetera and etcetera…

Sometimes though you want your science fiction to tickle your brain. These are the works which challenge our preconceived notions, makes us lust for that next horizon, and brings up immense questions about the existence we find ourselves in. Like the giants that came before it, Interstellar satisfies these deeper cravings while providing an amazing spectacle for film aficionados. While it’s not a perfect movie per se, it certainly is a contender for one of the greatest science fiction movies of all-time.

Science is for nerds!

If you want to dive deep into the questions of our reality and perhaps gain some understanding behind the entire Black Hole sequence, I cannot recommend highly enough Brian Greene’s The Hidden RealityEven though I’ve read it many times, I keep coming back to it for the mind-fuckery. Our universe is a very weird place, and it might not be the only one.

#Gamergate Is Winning

Today has been an interesting day for #Gamergate. Both MSNBC and CNN had segments about the issue. Of course they were anti-GG (despite Fredrick “Hotwheels” Brennan making Brianna Wu look like a fool) but I think we’re finally reaching a turning point.

Professional victims like Wu and Sarkeesian are now being introduced to a much wider audience. While they think this kind of exposure will help them to monetize their faux victimhood status even more, we’re already seeing signs of it backfiring.

You can count on one hand the times when the left and right agree on anything, especially these days. That makes it even more impressive that everyone is starting to see through the anti-gamergate bullshit. They’ve shit the bed and public opinion is slowly turning against them. In other words, when the left and right are against you there’s not much hope left for your cause.

I believe this newfound unity arises from the disgusting tactics used against the #Gamergate crowd. They are the same tactics that have been used in the gaming industry for far too long. When these people are challenged they immediately move to silence debate and launch attacks against anyone not on their side. Most reasonable-minded people hate being denied a voice – they especially hate it when you call them names for speaking out.

At it’s core, this virulent strain of professional victimhood is about ruining people’s lives for profit. The perpetrators have sad, unfulfilled lives and need to take out their frustrations on others. I eagerly await the day when these types of people return to the margins of society instead of being taken seriously. Luckily for everyone, it appears that day will be here sooner rather than later.

In summation:

“You’re such a bad person – like all the way through to your core!”

Declare Independence

Independence Day is a time for friends, family, and celebrating of our great nation. We were especially lucky in Kentucky with amazing weather – I took advantage by enjoying a number of cold beverages. Today, we’re waking up from our hangovers – hopefully with all of our digits intact from a night of fireworks. Once our headaches subside, we should reflect on the modern meaning of the anniversary when we Declared Independence from England.

Of course, the left were in full self-loathing and shaming mode yesterday, infecting Twitter feeds and Facebooks everywhere. There were calls to ban fireworks and inane “anti-patriotism” memes as some sort of guard against the bogeyman of nationalism. Aside from revealing how woefully tedious leftists are this gives us an opportunity to declare independence once again.

Some on our side called for civility on the Fourth – that we should spend time with our families and save our partisanship for another day. I respectfully disagree. Family, fun, and fireworks are integral to the Fourth of July but to give up our fight against the left even for a day misses the point. We should be fighting for our cause ESPECIALLY on Independence Day.

Today the left represents all of the worst parts of the Monarchy we fought against in the 18th century. Currently we face increasingly oppressive taxation, an unaccountable/out-of-control bureaucracy, and rulers who seek to control every aspect of our lives. These precise conditions lead our Founding Fathers to Declare Independence.

The left thrives on dependence. They depend on entitlements – they cannot survive as a party without them. Those they cannot control through entitlements are attacked relentlessly. They attack using our government with burdensome taxation, regulation, and illegal targeting through the bureaucracy. They use the media and Hollywood to attack us through the culture – painting all those who dissent as enemies.

I am not advocating open rebellion against our government. However, we should declare independence from the left’s designs. We should be fighting, politically and culturally, against this modern monarchy. We should be rebelling against their totalitarian desires and edicts. We do not need their nanny-state and only an independent people will be able to restore our liberty.

We represent those same rebels who fought against the British, but instead of long rifles and cannons, today we use our words and superior ideas. Even though we will not shed blood declaring Independence from the left’s utopia, the stakes are just as enormous as they were back then. We cannot fail because there is not fall-back point after America; there is nowhere to retreat. As Reagan said, “We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness.”

We must declare independence. There simply is no other choice.