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Declare Independence

Independence Day is a time for friends, family, and celebrating of our great nation. We were especially lucky in Kentucky with amazing weather – I took advantage by enjoying a number of cold beverages. Today, we’re waking up from our hangovers – hopefully with all of our digits intact from a night of fireworks. Once our headaches subside, we should reflect on the modern meaning of the anniversary when we Declared Independence from England.

Of course, the left were in full self-loathing and shaming mode yesterday, infecting Twitter feeds and Facebooks everywhere. There were calls to ban fireworks and inane “anti-patriotism” memes as some sort of guard against the bogeyman of nationalism. Aside from revealing how woefully tedious leftists are this gives us an opportunity to declare independence once again.

Some on our side called for civility on the Fourth – that we should spend time with our families and save our partisanship for another day. I respectfully disagree. Family, fun, and fireworks are integral to the Fourth of July but to give up our fight against the left even for a day misses the point. We should be fighting for our cause ESPECIALLY on Independence Day.

Today the left represents all of the worst parts of the Monarchy we fought against in the 18th century. Currently we face increasingly oppressive taxation, an unaccountable/out-of-control bureaucracy, and rulers who seek to control every aspect of our lives. These precise conditions lead our Founding Fathers to Declare Independence.

The left thrives on dependence. They depend on entitlements – they cannot survive as a party without them. Those they cannot control through entitlements are attacked relentlessly. They attack using our government with burdensome taxation, regulation, and illegal targeting through the bureaucracy. They use the media and Hollywood to attack us through the culture – painting all those who dissent as enemies.

I am not advocating open rebellion against our government. However, we should declare independence from the left’s designs. We should be fighting, politically and culturally, against this modern monarchy. We should be rebelling against their totalitarian desires and edicts. We do not need their nanny-state and only an independent people will be able to restore our liberty.

We represent those same rebels who fought against the British, but instead of long rifles and cannons, today we use our words and superior ideas. Even though we will not shed blood declaring Independence from the left’s utopia, the stakes are just as enormous as they were back then. We cannot fail because there is not fall-back point after America; there is nowhere to retreat. As Reagan said, “We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness.”

We must declare independence. There simply is no other choice.