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Just Some Randomness

I guess the word “random” takes on a whole new meaning now the left has gotten it’s grubby little hands on it. In any case, take a moment and laugh at Vox, because it’ll keep the doctor away or something:

Status: Beat and tired. A 12 hour shift tends to exhaust, but what can you do in the Great Kentuckian Snowpocalypse of 2015? Good news is it will be negative 20 degrees soon. Negative. 20. Degrees. Joy.

I’d say we all should be frightened by the lack of competence our betters display to both Americans and our enemies, but that would be redundant. We should just focus on Christian extremism and the Crusades because that’s what’s necessary and proper these days. Perish the thought we actually pay attention, much less assign blame, to the murderous barbarians currently setting the world on fire.

Lastly, I wasn’t sold on Battlefield Hardline at first, but it eventually grew on me during the open BETA. If you are a Battlefield series veteran I would strongly encourage you to consider a purchase.