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Trailer Thoughts

Been a busy week punctuated by perhaps one of the most exciting trailers in recent memory. Guess we’ll start with the Bantha in the room.

How can you not be excited? The trailer kicks enough ass to give 80’s Arnold Schwarzenegger a run for his money. Not to mention it serves notice that yes, Star Wars is back – JJ Abrams was born for this shit. Judging from the massive Twitter storm (and even a market response to Disney stock) I’m more stoked than I should be based on a two-minute trailer. It’s damned hard not to be even though we all risk the specter of an epic disappointment (unlikely, but still possible).

One of the more interesting things I noticed is Luke’s voice over seems to have a strange echo effect. If you listen closely, the echo sounds similar to the voice first teaser trailer – it’s totally possible I could be imagining things. However, given the dichotomy between the Dark and Light in this universe, it wouldn’t be surprising if there was an unexpected connection between Luke and his supposed counterpart on the Dark side.

Speaking of darkness, the Batman v Superman trailer leaked then released officially shortly thereafter.

My immediate thoughts after seeing it:

The contrast with the previous day’s joy and happiness with the Star Wars trailer was replaced with confusion and depression. Of course, there are strong hints of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. BatArmorSuitMKII makes an appearance along with this eagle-eyed catch by @neontaster:

My concerns are manifold: The Joker, Robin, and Commissioner Gordon were central figures in Miller’s comic. To the best of my knowledge they are not in this movie. On the flip side Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Lex Luthor were not present in TDKR. Can Snyder and company make a new compelling story only partially based on a classic comic? I have my doubts.

Secondly the tone of the trailer (and one would assume the movie) is dark and gritty. At least that seems the mantra of DC movies as of late. Don’t get me wrong, dark dramas are excellent if executed properly, however we are talking about comic book movies. God Forbid we have fun and escape our normal lives watching heroes triumph. Even The Dark Knight Returns is punctuated by levity – provided in no small amount by Robin who is not present in this movie.

Lastly, Zack Snyder is directing this movie. I really don’t have that much faith in him this time around given his recent track record. Despite the Sonny Bunch’s of the world, Sucker Punch was terrible and Man of Steel was a muddled mess. Let me know when Suicide Squad is around the corner, because that’s much more compelling than a raft of Snyder Justice League movies.

I’ll probably end up seeing Batman v Superman in theaters, just to witness the spectacle. Maybe it’ll surprise me and be half-way decent.

Is it Christmas yet? It’s still Spring you say? Damn.