This Post Brought To You By Nervous Exhaustion

Sleep deprived and delirious – bed should be my ally right now. But restlessness can’t be bargained with or feel pity/remorse/sorrow so here we are. Just a few things before passing out.

Obviously, the cold-blooded execution of two reporters on live television is deeply haunting. Gruesome enough that the cameraman caught this on tape in his final moments, but then the killer posted his POV video of the killings. Twitter exploded with auto-play videos and I was fortunate enough to stop one of them before witnessing it. Pretty much everyone, myself included, was shocked, nauseous, enraged, and disheartened. In this time of sorrow, Americans needed a unifying force.

Thankfully, we had the leftist rapid response team blaming guns, the NRA, and ordinary Americans for the actions of a clearly disturbed individual. I might have broken the “DO NOT ENGAGE” rule in my reduced mental state. Oh well, no big deal if some insults and bad words were hurled at the totalitarians.

Ace has an excellent piece (does he have any other kind?) describing how our media betters are driving us towards dangerous territory. You really need to read the whole thing but here’s an excerpt:

This Part of the Game I Can Cleanly Blame on the Media: When the killer is Muslim, the media tries its hardest to not connect that killer to any other Muslim, or even the Islamist ideology. They want to draw as narrow a circle as possible around the killer, including no other people, so that a hypothetical half-crazy would-be Crusader won’t think “I’ll get my vengeance by killing one his compatriots.”

But when the killer is white, they expand that circle as wide as possible to indict all of white society. In the Charleston shooting, they blamed the Confederate flag and all the white people who admired that flag.

It’s frightening how balkanized this country is becoming, and our leftist media is partially responsible for it. I’ve hesitated to wade into the whole “Black Lives Matter” fever swamp, but if just a fraction of their sentiment carries over into real life… Well things won’t get better before getting much, much worse. For now I’ll keep my focus on the rolling disaster that is our media. They continue to fan these flames and soon there won’t be enough water on the globe to stop the blaze.



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