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Just Some Randomness

I guess the word “random” takes on a whole new meaning now the left has gotten it’s grubby little hands on it. In any case, take a moment and laugh at Vox, because it’ll keep the doctor away or something:

Status: Beat and tired. A 12 hour shift tends to exhaust, but what can you do in the Great Kentuckian Snowpocalypse of 2015? Good news is it will be negative 20 degrees soon. Negative. 20. Degrees. Joy.

I’d say we all should be frightened by the lack of competence our betters display to both Americans and our enemies, but that would be redundant. We should just focus on Christian extremism and the Crusades because that’s what’s necessary and proper these days. Perish the thought we actually pay attention, much less assign blame, to the murderous barbarians currently setting the world on fire.

Lastly, I wasn’t sold on Battlefield Hardline at first, but it eventually grew on me during the open BETA. If you are a Battlefield series veteran I would strongly encourage you to consider a purchase.


#Gamergate Is Winning

Today has been an interesting day for #Gamergate. Both MSNBC and CNN had segments about the issue. Of course they were anti-GG (despite Fredrick “Hotwheels” Brennan making Brianna Wu look like a fool) but I think we’re finally reaching a turning point.

Professional victims like Wu and Sarkeesian are now being introduced to a much wider audience. While they think this kind of exposure will help them to monetize their faux victimhood status even more, we’re already seeing signs of it backfiring.

You can count on one hand the times when the left and right agree on anything, especially these days. That makes it even more impressive that everyone is starting to see through the anti-gamergate bullshit. They’ve shit the bed and public opinion is slowly turning against them. In other words, when the left and right are against you there’s not much hope left for your cause.

I believe this newfound unity arises from the disgusting tactics used against the #Gamergate crowd. They are the same tactics that have been used in the gaming industry for far too long. When these people are challenged they immediately move to silence debate and launch attacks against anyone not on their side. Most reasonable-minded people hate being denied a voice – they especially hate it when you call them names for speaking out.

At it’s core, this virulent strain of professional victimhood is about ruining people’s lives for profit. The perpetrators have sad, unfulfilled lives and need to take out their frustrations on others. I eagerly await the day when these types of people return to the margins of society instead of being taken seriously. Luckily for everyone, it appears that day will be here sooner rather than later.

In summation:

“You’re such a bad person – like all the way through to your core!”